Saturday, November 7, 2009

bartering makes me happy!

A few weeks ago a very talented friend approached me with an idea. She asked if I'd be interested in making her some little fabric bags to put her finished jewellery pieces in, in trade for a piece of jewellery. Of course I jumped at the opportunity! I've been coveting her creations for some time!

So I made her a bunch of these....

and she made me this stunning silver pendant with a blue topaz on one side and a cubic zirconia on the other side. It hangs from a really cool aqua colored cable. I love it!

Friday, November 6, 2009

i love thrifting!

I had an hour to myself today so I used it wisely...I went thrifting! I came home with some lovely treasures!

Won't these jeans be cute on little B?

I love the detail on these mugs - handpainted and silkscreened in Norway.

Miss Z has an October birthday so this plate is for her. And check out the green mugs! I LOVE them!

Does anyone remember this Fisher Price cash register? We played with this as kids. We used to borrow the money from my mom's purse, iron it so it was nice and crisp, then play "store" for hours! There were two there, so I bought them both! One for me, and one for my sister! (for our kids, of course!)

Hope you're having a lovely fall day!